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8 Ways To Make Your App Succeed On App Stores

Mobile app development is a rigorous process. From thinking of an idea to meeting with a mobile app developer all the way to launching the app. As soon as the app is on app stores, it is the responsibility of the mobile app development company to optimize the app and make sure it succeeds. However, you can assist your app developer with the app store optimization in the following ways:

1. Know Your Customer and Your Competition

Do you understand your target audience and your competition? A well strategized ASO methodology depends on seeing how your clients utilize your application, alongside a profound perspective of your competitive scene. You can start by asking some questions such as what language do my clients utilize? How do they view my application? What need does my application fulfill? What advantages do I have over competitors? What keywords do my rivals target? Put yourself in your customer's situation. Be the customer to satisfy the customer.

2. Choose the Right App Name

Thinking of the perfect name should come before the application development process begins. For best results with ASO, incorporate relevant keywords in your title. This is a critical factor that influences app store result listing.

3. Maximize Your Keywords

Although each app store has its unique method of monetization, maximizing keywords is always relevant. Subsequently, it's critical to make the best out of keywords to increase organic traffic.

4. Create a Compelling Description

Every app developer sees the app description as an invitation to clients to take action. It should explain what it offers in basic and compact language, list the unique advantages it has, and persuade the customer to install it. You've successfully assured the application store that your application is necessary and this is your opportunity to persuade your potential customers that it's relevant to their needs.

5. Include Screenshots and Videos

Similar to icons, screenshots may not have a direct effect on search rankings, but they can increase downloads. Pictures offer additional information about what your app is and puts visual life into your content, which can encourage a potential customer to click the install button.

6. Localize Your App Listing

Recently it has been found that just 31% of all complete mobile apps generate income is from English speaking countries. So the fact that you are in India doesn't mean you should restrict your app to an Indian audience. Allow users have the option of choosing which language they prefer. However, regardless of whether you make your app available in English or not, listing it locally is still crucial.

7. Encourage Ratings and Feedback

Finally, a steady stream of positive ratings and feedback serves as the most valid approval of your app's quality and the most relevant determinants of rank.

8. Never Do “Black hat” ASO

No matter how hard it seems, always use white hat SEO. On no condition should you use black hat SEO.

Most of the top mobile app development companies in India use only white heart ASO but it is still imperative to confirm which form of ASO they are implementing. Don't forget to remind your developer to update your app frequently.